Introduction of Temporary Stand

We can design and build the customized temporary stand with our specialized materials. Safety level is almost same compare to the parmanent stand.

"Couch Type" has large capacity in small space. We have No.1 domestic shaer about 50% in this type.

"Chair Type" recently becoming more populer in Japan is also available.

We can also design the Parmanent Stand based on our experience of Temporary Stand construction.

Salient Feature

  1. Quick Construction and High Cost Performance
    Quick and easy construction with the simple and smart specialized parts and materials results in superior cost performance.
  2. Safety and Reliability
    (A) Wide range capacity variation is available from 50 people use to 10 thousand up.
    (B) Staible quality with specialized parts & materials provides high level structural safety.
  3. Flexible Design
    Flexible and effective seat arrangements are possible for verious locational conditions.
  4. Comfortable seat and smooth flow line
    Comfortable seat with "Riser Plate" to catch the falling object.
    Enough passageway and stairway for the smooth flow line and easy access of the audience or spectators in the large-scale stand.

Main components of "Temporary Stand" are steel frame, handrail, scaffolding board and seat.
There are three types of stand inclination, Type 700x300 for outdoor, Type 800x300 for both outdoor and indoor and Type 900x400 for indoor.
Those are selected based on the related regulation such as fire prevention ordinance and the required sight line angle of the audience or spectators.